“Oh the weather is mighty frightful…”

At least it is here on the east coast of the United States. Many of us are battling heavy snow and wind this weekend, keeping us inside for far more hours than usual.

The temptation to make a traditional “milk and bread” run is overwhelming for most people. A cashier friend told me that the three most common food items bought in the days before a predicted big snowstorm are soft drinks, beer, and junk food of all kinds.

For many people, being housebound for a few days or longer meanings comfort eating and binge watching movies in cozy pjs. While that’s certainly a fun way to relax, snowstorms can be a dangerous time for people suffering from eating disorders.

People naturally crave carbohydrates in the winter, and the habit of eating heavy, rich foods develops early in our lives. Snowstorms present an opportunity to binge, since people are close to the refrigerator and are often bored while stuck inside.

Some families even have snowstorm food rituals that they have passed down for decades.

To avoid being susceptible to bingeing and a potential relapse, it is good to keep in mind a few strategies:

  • stock your house with good, healthy foods for snacking, just in case
  • walk in place while watching your favorite movies and TV shows
  • set a time for hour to force yourself to get up and take a stroll through the house
  • catch up on laundry
  • meditate
  • make a craft project
  • clean out your kitchen junk drawer

Staying busy and moving around will keep you going and should lessen the likelihood of eating compulsively, even if everyone else is eating around the clock.

If you just can’t think of anything fun to do to keep food off your mind, check out my new coloring workbook. It is specifically designed to focus your attention on recovery from binge eating disorder by giving you a handmade design to color and a space to journal.

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Stay warm out there east coasters. And the rest of you, send some of that sunshine our way.