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In addition to food issues, food addicts seem to share many other life struggles, including unorganized households, financial troubles, difficulty using time wisely, and several others. I believe that if we can step back from our direct focus on the food part of food addiction, we can enjoy more sustainable recovery.

During my relapse last year, I had trouble getting back on track, largely because I had not addressed other areas of my life that needed attention. OA tells us that we should practice the steps in all that we do. By focusing mostly on food and restoring my physical body to health, I neglected essential parts of my existence that contributed to my continuing, harrowing relapse.

This six week boot camp will not only help you re-focus on your recovery, but hopefully, it will help you live more mindfully in all areas of your life. And give you a framework to regain your balance should you lapse or even relapse in the future.

Here’s how it works. Every Sunday morning I will send that week’s lessons and homework, which will include handouts, videos, and other materials. You may share your thoughts and your results with the rest of our community in a SECRET Facebook group. (The group name will be sent to you in the confirmation email.)

We will cover the following subjects in our six weeks together:

Week One: Organizing Your Life (how to select and use a planner, daily planning ideas)
Week Two: Choosing a Food Plan (a comparison of various food plans, understanding triggers)
Week Three: Get Moving (fun ways to add exercise to your life)
Week Four: Integrating Meditation or Prayer (how to meditate, useful apps, other tools)
Week Five: Ordering Your Home (decluttering, morning and evening routines)
Week Six: Shaping Up Your Finances (making a budget, using money mindfully)

If this sounds good to you, sign up below. It is free, of course.

Your sister in recovery,

Christina Fisanick Greer, Ph.D.
The Optimistic Food Addict

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