I firmly believe that our recovery is stronger and even easier when we help others. We can do that in a hundred different ways from volunteering at a homeless shelter to babysitting for a mom in need while she runs to the store to just listening to someone who needs a shoulder to cry on.

For me, helping others has most often been in the form of writing. I write to work through my own troubles and to leave a record of my joys, but I also write in the hopes that someone else will find solace in my words. Knowing that you and so many others feel supported, comforted, and a little less alone when you read and respond to my writing proves that the suffering I have endured in my life has not been in vain.

The other night I was contacted by a writer for the TODAY Show website. She said she had read my blog and wanted to do a story about my recovery. It was published this afternoon as “Confessions of a Food Addict: I Couldn’t Stop Eating.” Most of the words are mine, and I am very proud of the reach that this article gives me (and our support group members in the Facebook group Food Addiction Recovery) to help other food addicts in need. I hope that you will read and share it.

In other news, but in the same vein, I am working hard on launching my very first boot camp for food addicts. It is six weeks long and will help food addicts in recovery build tools necessary to sustain recovery. Below is an outline of what the boot camp will cover. It is FREE for all list members and members of Food Addiction Recovery. I hope you will join us.

Creating a Relapse-Proof Life: The Optimistic Food Addict’s Guide to Creating Sustainable Recovery

Week One: Organizing Your Life (how to select and use a planner, daily planning ideas)
Week Two: Choosing a Food Plan (a comparison of various food plans, understanding triggers)
Week Three: Get Moving (fun ways to add exercise to your life)
Week Four: Integrating Meditation or Prayer (how to meditate, useful apps, other tools)
Week Five: Ordering Your Home (decluttering, morning and evening routines)
Week Six: Shaping Up Your Finances (making a budget, using money mindfully)

Each week is packed full of lessons, but developed to be manageable and actionable. The goal is to help you establish a framework for recovery that you can rely on to sustain good habits of mind, body, and soul.

Stay tuned! I will be sending out a sign up link later this week.

I hope you all know how much it means to me that you read, respond, and share my writing. As I count down the days until my memoir comes out, I get more excited about the possibilities of helping so many more people through my words.

Thank you!


The Optimistic Food Addict

If you want to read more writing like this, please see my other books on the subject of food addiction: The Optimistic Food Addict’s Recovery Journal and Activity Workbook and The Optimistic Food Addict: Recovering from Binge Eating Disorder.

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