I appeared on Mental Health Radio this past week.

I talked with host Kristin Walker about body dysmorphic disorder, “This is My Brave,” relapse, and embracing sexuality in binge eating disorder recovery.

Give it a listen when you get the chance.

I have kicked around the idea of starting my own podcast for years, mostly at the urging of my audience. Being on this podcast encouraged me to make a commitment to doing so.

I will be making an official announcement soon, but get your headsets ready for The Optimistic Food Addict’s Podcast. The primary focus will be relapse-resistant recovery, which will include everything from discussions about abstinence, journaling, paying your bills, finding joy in movement, body acceptance, and so on. It is a one-stop podcast for thinking critically about your life and taking active steps to build strong recovery.

And the next chapter of Memphis will be out on Tuesday, February 13.

Thank you all for always being so generous with your comments and time.


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