I worked so hard this week. I DESERVE an after-dinner treat.

I had such a tough emotional day. I DESERVE an extra helping at lunch.

I have so much to do. I DESERVE to take a break and eat xyz.

We have all so those words. We have all claimed that we DESERVE food for the trouble we have gone through.

I get that way of thinking. I get it all too well, but I eventually realized that what I DESERVE is not food at all.

In fact, we all DESERVE:

  • to be loved no matter our weight.
  • to take time for ourselves through self-care, including meditation, warm baths, and other activities that make us healthy.
  • to care for our bodies by getting proper sleep, exercising, and making healthy food choices.
  • to spend time with people who respect and appreciate us.
  • to practice honesty and gratitude daily.
  • to live one day at a time.
  • to learn what triggers our disease and to avoid it.
  • to try.
  • to make mistakes, and
  • to fail.

When we lead ourselves to think that we DESERVE a bowl of ice cream because of our life circumstances, we are listening to our disease. When we believe that we DESERVE to a bag of chips because we feel sad, we are listening to our disease.

We don’t DESERVE to be sick. We don’t DESERVE to bingeĀ ourselves to death. We don’t DESERVE to spend our lives consumed with eating and thoughts of eating.

We DESERVE to be free from compulsive eating. We DESERVE to live each day in recovery. We DESERVE to take the steps necessary to live our best lives.

Don’t give in to the voice of food addiction. You DESERVE much better than that.


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