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Guest Post: Overcoming Food Addiction With These Six Simple Steps – Here’s How I Did It.

by Anna Sperlich What in the heck is wrong with me? Why can’t I simply stop and eat like a frigging normal person? For nearly ten years of my life did I ask myself these questions over and over again. Starting in my…

The Myth of Perfect Recovery

It can be intimidating for newcomers entering recovery groups online or face-to-face. Not only is the talk overwhelming (3-0-1, abstinence, let go and let God), but understanding what recovery looks like day in and day out can be deceiving and dispiriting. People who…

Ending the Tyranny of Day One: Stop Starting Over and Start Living Your Life in Recovery

“I will start day one again on Monday.”  “I blew it! It’s back to day one tomorrow.”  “I am ready to get back to eating healthy. Day one starts today!” I hear those words often in recovery circles, and I try as hard as I…

Guest Bloggers!

I am so happy to report that I have a lined up and excellent group of experts in a variety of fields to guest blog on The Optimistic Food Addict site. I will post my own entry every Tuesday, and you can expect…

Welcome to the Optimistic Food Addict’s Blog

Hi! I am Christina Greer, or as I like to call myself, The Optimistic Addict. As I continue on in my recovery from food addiction, I have discovered a great deal of information about how food addiction functions and what methods work well…

About Us

Christina Fisanick Greer, Ph.D. is a writing professor and published author. Her goals are to help as many people in recovery as possible through writing and creativity. Christina can be reached at


Kelly M. ---The resources on this site really helped me in my recovery from food addiction. Lisa F. ---Christina goes above and beyond to help people in recovery.

Optimistic Food Addict is a website devoted to supporting recovery from Food Addiction and Binge Eating Disorder. Christina Greeer, Ph.D., the founder and editor of this site, is not a physician but a writer and food addict who aims to help all.