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The Devastating Legacy of Diet Culture

As the founder of a support group for food addicts in recovery, I have come to dread the new year. Towards the beginning of December, my group is suddenly overwhelmed by people wanting to join with the obvious purpose of marketing their dieting…

Using Vision Boards in Recovery

by Christina Fisanick Greer The Optimistic Addict Sustained recovery requires a host of practices, at least it does for me. While I understand the need for keeping it simple, as many people in recovery programs advocate, I find that I need to breakdown…

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Christina Fisanick Greer, Ph.D. is a writing professor and published author. Her goals are to help as many people in recovery as possible through writing and creativity. Christina can be reached at


Kelly M. ---The resources on this site really helped me in my recovery from food addiction. Lisa F. ---Christina goes above and beyond to help people in recovery.

Optimistic Food Addict is a website devoted to supporting recovery from Food Addiction and Binge Eating Disorder. Christina Greeer, Ph.D., the founder and editor of this site, is not a physician but a writer and food addict who aims to help all.