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Memphis, Chapter 3

Memphis Reader feedback: Thank you so much for your feedback! I agree that Chapter 2 needs expanding so we understand Memphis better. My original intent with this book was to make it a romance novel, but as it evolved it became a more…

Memphis, Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Days and weeks went by, and Memphis kept studying and going to work at her job as the midnight clerk at the gas station across the street from campus. She hated her job, but it kept her in college, and working…

Memphis, Inspiration Boards

This is my first foray into fiction since I was a senior in college over twenty years ago. Generally, as you know, I write non-fiction, mostly memoir. This journey with Memphis has been fun so far. One of the tools I have been…

Memphis, Chapter One

Disclaimer: This material is raw. It has not been edited or revised in any way. It has not been proofread or spell checked. It appears just as it came out of my head. All feedback welcome. Memphis by Christina Fisanick, Ph.D. Chapter One…

New Level of Awareness

Despite the success of The Optimistic Food Addict: Recovering from Binge Eating Disorder, I feel like there remains a vast audience of people who still do not understand the complexities of living with food addiction. This audience includes family, friends, medical professionals, and…

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Christina Fisanick Greer, Ph.D. is a writing professor and published author. Her goals are to help as many people in recovery as possible through writing and creativity. Christina can be reached at


Kelly M. ---The resources on this site really helped me in my recovery from food addiction. Lisa F. ---Christina goes above and beyond to help people in recovery.

Optimistic Food Addict is a website devoted to supporting recovery from Food Addiction and Binge Eating Disorder. Christina Greeer, Ph.D., the founder and editor of this site, is not a physician but a writer and food addict who aims to help all.