Welcome new friends!! If you are new to recovery from Food Addiction, you are no doubt overwhelmed by everything.This site is designed to give visitors the tools to understand food addiction and to find their own path to recovery. There are many ways to enter recovery, and several of them are discussed in these pages.

First, most visitors will wonder, “Am I a Food Addict?” Several researchers have attempted to define food addiction definitively, but there have been problems with all of the tools to date, but the clearest method of understanding food addiction comes from The Food Addiction Institute:

Food addiction is a disease which causes loss of control over the ability to stop eating certain foods. Scientifically, food addiction is a cluster of chemical dependencies on specific foods or food in general; after the ingestion of high palatable foods such as sugar, excess fat and/or salt the brains of some people develop a physical craving for these foods. Over time, the progressive eating of these foods distorts their thinking and leads to negative consequences which they do not want but cannot stop.

In addition, many organizations that specialize in food addiction recovery have their own questionnaires and definitions. The most comprehensive is the list provided by Food Addicts Anonymous.

In consultation with my Food Addiction Recovery Facebook group, I have created an excellent Beginner’s Guide that explains some things you can do right now to get on the track to recovery.

The FREE Guide includes:

  • a Food Addiction self-assessment quiz
  • links to the top FREE food plans used in recovery
  • contact information for FREE support groups
  • the importance of keeping a good journal
  • ways of stopping a binge
  • and so much more

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