The research on the role of writing as a complimentary therapy for just about any illness–physical or mental–is overwhelming. Informal writing, including journaling, is the most popular form of therapeutic writing because it is low risk for the writer, and it has absolutely no requirements but honesty.

Most people in recovery, though, struggle with where to start with using writing on their journey. Although many food addicts, for example, will use the questions included in the 12-Steps adapted for Overeater’s Anonymous (OA), the average person needs more to get motivated and to dig deep enough to help push through to the next level of healing.

As a professional writer of 35 published books, tenured writing professor, and binge eater in recovery, I know how important regular writing can be to true transformation, especially if it is used along with other tools, such as meditation, group support, and/or private therapy.

If you’d like to get started with incorporating writing into a regular part of your recovery, I encourage you to sign up for my FREE email course: Writing for Recovery Basics: Food Addiction.

Here’s how it works:

Twice a week for three weeks I will send you an email containing writing prompts and writing strategies that will not only help you focus your thoughts about food addiction recovery, but will teach new ways to access those thoughts. As an experienced writing teacher, I have used multiple methods with my students over the past 19 years that can help tap into hidden feelings and memories that if revealed could shine a light on how the disorder developed and how it can be treated.

I do recommend that you share your writing experiences with all of us, but you do not have to do so. I know how difficult such revelations can be, even for the most outgoing person. In any case, I have set up a private Facebook group for sharing our writing results. A link will be provided at the bottom of the first lesson. Please join, even if you don’t want to share. You might be surprised about how much you have in common with others on the same path.


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